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Rare Bulldogs Of Olympus

Welcome to Rare Bulldogs of Olympus, the one place to find yourself a rare colored Bulldog so close to perfect you would think it came straight from Mt. Olympus itself. Rare Bulldogs of Olympus specializes in the fascinating breed of bulldogs, specifically rare colored Bulldogs. Located in south eastern Michigan, we offer a wide variety of services from finding the perfect pet for you and your families, that next companion for a kid or helping you, yourself create special puppies for you to have or sell.

We have been breeding bulldogs since 2003 and we love it! Our Sires and Dams are genetically tested and DNA tested to make sure they are the best of the best. All kept in the house and on strict regiments for their health and diets as well. All of our Bulldogs are seen regularly by a well-seasoned veterinarian to make sure they are as fit as can be and produce the healthiest and happiest puppies. Most if not all of our dogs carry the genes to produce all the rare colors that a Bulldog can be, from blue to black, lilac to chocolate, tri colored to seal, you can be certain to find the perfect color for your personality.

We strive to keep that Bulldog Standard look in our rare colored Bulldogs. All of our Bulldogs are AKC registered and purebred. Most of our Bulldogs are also natural mini's being under 40lbs, but even if they aren't, you will not find a Bulldog more then 45lbs here! 


We have beautiful Bulldog babies available several times a year. Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. Our Bulldog puppies come with a health guarantee, vet records, AKC registration (Full or Limited), a puppy starter kit, toys, and more!

Take a few moments to look around and get familiar with our site. We look forward to finding that perfect rare colored English Bulldog puppy for you and to see our puppies go to great homes to live long and happy lives.

Thank you for stopping by Rare Bulldogs of Olympus! If you are interested or have any questions about our Bulldogs, feel free to email us at rarebulldogsofolympus@gmail.com, or give us a call anytime!
(248) 504-9972

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